Michael Silbermann

About Me

Hello! My name is Michael Silbermann and I am a software engineer based in Zurich, Switzerland. In my free time I am building scalable algorithmic trading systems using Scala. I also enjoy traveling and photographing the world around me. Feel free get in touch if you have questions or just want to share some ideas.

Current Projects

  • Scalanda-v20 - Scala Akka HTTP client for Oanda REST API v20
  • Scalanda - Scala/Akka wrapper around Oanda REST and Stream API
  • Akka Trading - Scala Backtesting + Oanda REST API Trading Framework built on top of Akka/Spray
  • QuantCloud Web - Experimental HTML5 front-end for yield curve calculation engine, based on gridster.js and Highcharts

Contact Details

Feel free to send me an e-mail or contact me via LinkedIn.